One of the major goals of the Hallowed Harmony Comedy Drama Series is to illustrate, highlight and promote the culture and various enterprises associated with music and art festivals!

Behind all the glamour and glitz of the scene is a lot of people doing a lot of deeds to make a lot of things possible. The same is needed to produce a show about festival family for festival family. That said, we know that no one else knows festival family better than festival family so we are reaching out to every corner of the festival world in an effort to lure the best and brightest from the different sectors to provide input on this production.

The Hallowed Harmony Pre-Production Unit currently seeks talented Artists, Script Writers, Marketing Operations & Logistics Managers, Sound & Audio Engineers, Social Media Activists & Influencers, and Merchandisers among others to help make this all happen.

Where do you fit in and how can you find the right department for you?


The Ahtna word for “live air” is Koahnic and the Choctaw word for “crow” is Fala. Together they represent the foretelling messengers of the air and is the Call Name of our Pre-Production Social Media & Marketing Street Team, whose purpose is to build the Hallowed Harmony brand and increase visibility through online and face-to-face relationships and communications with potential viewers and merchandise customers. 

If you are interested in joining the force that markets Hallowed Harmony to our communities through social and traditional media or you need to discuss media related issues, contact them at:


Melodium is the latin word for “melody” and the Call Name of the Pre-Production Team that is actually providing the melody for Hallowed Harmony by working with our potential viewers to select the music that will accompany our series episodes and be featured on our Soundtrack Albums. 

If you are interested in working with the musical selections and the artists who will be featured on the Hallowed Harmony television series or you have questions about the music, contact them at:


The Eye of Providence is the all-seeing eye and the Call Name for the team that oversees and coordinates the logistics of the entire Hallowed Harmony Pre-Production operation. 

If you are interested in working with the administration of the operations, production of events, coordination of projects or you have questions about any of these, contact them at:


Taking their call sign from the Latin word meaning “royal” or “kingly” things, this Hallowed Harmony Pre-Production Team is responsible for designing and producing the emblems, symbols, paraphernalia, decorations and insignia indicative of the project .

If you have any interest in designing, buying or distributing merchandise or you simply have questions about Hallowed Harmony products, this is the team for you to contact at:


In the Hindu tradition of tantra, the fifth primary chakra is known as vishuddha and represents the voice. We use it as a Call Name for the Hallowed Harmony Pre-Production Team that gives voice to the show and its characters through scripting.

If you are interested in writing comedy or dramatic scripts and helping give voice to the online identity of the show, contact them at:


Wabi-sabi is the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of Japanese beauty. It is similar to Greek ideals of beauty and perfection and the Call Name of our Pre-Production Art Team tasked with designing the artistry of the Hallowed Harmony brand and the visual feel of the show.

If you are interested in helping create the artistry associated with of the show including merchandise, contact them at:

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you have to offer via your submissions.


Are you a College Student studying a discipline related to television production, social science, or another discipline with which we might be able to use your assistance? We work with a number of schools to insure that college credit is provided at each of the Intern Levels. If you are interested in joining a Team and gaining College Credit simultaneously, contact us at or send us a resume with a few links to your social media or portfolio to:

Write us for abbreviated descriptions of our current Internship Opportunities.