Hallowed Harmony is a Crowdsourced, Crowdfunded and Audience Owned Television Production.

We Crowdsource material for the script, merchandise, and other aspects of the show and it’s associated universe by gathering and sharing knowledge with our current supporters and potential audience to gain wisdom that will insure the show is reflective of the reality the people are experiencing in their world today.

We also seek research findings and solicit understandings from our audience about innovations, current & life events, social issues, and societal problems that are at the forefront of the human condition in order to insure that the show is relevant and timely.

We Crowdfund Hallowed Harmony in three ways.

  1. Through various crowdfunding efforts, we receive pledged financial gifts from supporters and the show’s potential audience.
  2. Additionally, through episode sponsorships, we receive funding from community businesses that are highlighted and promoted in the episode they support.
  3. Finally, we gain funding through the overall sponsorship of the season production or merchandise from businesses and organizations associated with our audience that are primarily interested in getting the show’s message to them as well as having their product or service promoted to them.

Hallowed Harmony is in fact an Audience Owned and Directed Enterprise because Conscious Universe Productions Inc. (aka CUP), the Group that owns the rights to produce and distribute the production is a Cooperative Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) registered in the state of Minnesota, with the following Statement of Public Benefit:

The purpose of this Public Benefit Corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the General Corporation Law of Minnesota other than the banking business, the trust company business, or the practice of a profession permitted to be incorporated by the Minnesota Corporations Code. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the purpose of this Public Benefit Corporation shall be to create a general public benefit including, but not limited to Educating Society on Sustainable Processes and Regenerative Practices while advancing Human Consciousness through all forms of Media Production and Artistic Expression. The general public benefits created by this Public Benefit Corporation shall be deemed to be in the best interests of the Public Benefit Corporation.

One of the general public benefits created by Conscious Universe Productions is the stipulation that any contributor be it through labor, material or financial gift is eligible for “equity holding, dividend yielding shares, and equal voice” in the future based on contribution level after surpassing particular parameters set by current shareholders.

This means that anyone or any entity that meets a particular parameter threshold of support for a show produced by Conscious Universe Productions, such as the Hallowed Harmony Comedy Drama, is eligible to achieve partial ownership of that B-Corp.

So pledge your support through our current Crowdfunding Campaigns, Contact Us via any of the different teams to offer your services, or notify us of your Sponsorship interest by sending an email to: